More about us

International Stone Tools was started in 2004 with our partner in China and together we share a positive and honest relationship. 

We constantly testing and designing new technology for the stone cutting industry with our extensive research capabilities. During the last couple of years our market in Africa has reached new heights and continues to grow. 

The simple hands on approach with extensive back up knowledge and support, is proving to be invaluable. Doing business in Africa can be very challenging and very rewarding when we see the equipment and knowledge shared, improving these companies profits and work quality. 

We work closely with leading quartz manufacturers when designing new equipment for producing better products and their input through continuous research and help with the brand has been invaluable.

International Stone Tools and its partners will always strive to find a cost-effective solution for your processing company. Your feedback is where our teams can continually look at new strategies to help you.

Our investment in the stone tool market over the last 14 years has been in the region of 19 million USD (Factory and smelter plant) and with this investment we are well placed to move on with great strides in the future. 

We have branches in SOUTH AFRICA, India, China, Great Britain, Brazil, Australia, Nigeria, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Malawi, and continue to expand.

Head office employees 8 ladies handling orders from all over the world and with the transport and computer age everything is a click away.

Thank you to all our customers and without you we cannot move forward, keep it up!